Dodge used nine August 1897, honor 8 February 1898, Zero 598722, Moving Stairway

Dodge used nine August 1897, honor 8 February 1898, Zero 598722, Moving Stairway

Seeberger used 19 Get 1898, award 17 January 1899, Zero 617778, Elevator. Improvements to help you a pattern getting a spiral (double-helix) sort of walked conveyor.

Reno applied twenty-two June 1899, award 21 November 1899, No 637526, More likely lift; an identical mode so you’re able to their prior to patent but renovated with different improvements and you may sustaining combs and cleats. So it appears to be the patent then followed with the Reno much more likely elevators in fact built.

Reno used twenty two November 1900, honor fourteen Will get 1901, No 673890, Much more likely elevator; makes reference to improvements specifically to arrangement out-of a great duplex servers run by the a single gadgets. New drawing and additionally means that inclination flattens at every prevent (although it doesn’t be seemingly an element of the claim). The fresh new off handrail is made to opposite and get serve as the fresh right up handrail on the surrounding track. Lbs regarding down individuals partly familiar with drive right up machine, cutting fuel.

Reno used fifteen February 1901, prize twenty five March 1902, No 696193, More likely lift; this was basically a residential product supposed to be fitted to established stairwell and you will comprising a movable seat connected with a rail to create some body upwards otherwise off a great storey. (A good stairlift).

Wheeler applied thirteen February 1901, prize ten Sep 1901, Zero 682513, Elevator; Next improvements to their wandered server in order to describe and reduce rubbing.

Reno applied 20 March 1902, award nine Sep 1902, Zero 708663, Inclined lift; this was an alternative growth of previous motif to possess getting a good type of carried on stairlift to have you can use in production facilities – some time such as for example a skiing elevator in principle, but supported and never frozen.

Seeberger used 30 April 1902, award fourteen March 1911, No 984495, Conveyor. It is a thought to have a great wandered host that increases into the you to definitely skout spiral and descends in an extra adjacent spiral.

Seeberger applied 28 May 1902, prize 18 December 1906, Zero 838654, Conveyor. This was a book advancement enabling anyone riser to stand either in assistance because of the swivelling the latest upward-rising section off front side to help you back of every action as required. Looks some an excellent sideline.

Reno applied 14 December 1903, honor 9 March 1904, No 751999, Elevator; basically next developments to help make product employed for transporting merchandise.

Reno applied 11 August 1905, award fourteen November 1905, Zero 804266, More inclined elevator; fundamentally a remodeled tread strip which have raised lower pieces reducing angle off standing and boosting getting preparations (nevertheless having fun with combs and you can cleats).

For it he was within the race having Seeberger

Wheeler applied fourteen Oct 1905, prize 26 Get 1908, Zero 889080, More likely lift. This really is a thought having good went server that increases for the you to spiral and you can descends inside an extra adjacent spiral (however, not the same as Seeberger).

Reno used eleven The month of january 1906, honor ten April 1906, Zero 817338, Much more likely elevator. This was nothing in connection with their early in the day hosts however, looks to explain the latest creativity of your own modern comb landing off an excellent progressive escalator, together with cleated risers.

Reno used six Sep 1906, prize nine July 1907, Zero 859252, More inclined elevator. Something to own swinging ‘trucks’ anywhere between flooring off emporium.

Reno applied 26 Summer 1909, prize 5 July 1910, No 963176, More inclined elevator. This is basically the patent into quite wandered, cleated treads one to efficiently became the Otis cleated escalator.

United kingdom Patents

1899 Zero 1091, Seeberger, used 17 January 1899, honor 11 February 1899; Developments in and you may relating to Elevators. Basically their style of moving stairs you to definitely improvements when you look at the good spiral.

1899 Zero 1092, Seeberger, applied 17 January 1899, honor 22 April 1899; Developments into the and you will according to Elevators. Fundamentally their variety of swinging stairways you to improvements when you look at the an excellent spiral. (Distinctive from past.)