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Staying busy and further involved in the community is super important to the maintenance of long-term recovery. Working through all of those overwhelming and uncomfortable feelings in a group setting provides sober living residents with more of a sense of true belonging. Furthermore, this allows the residents to be offered and receive support from like-minded women or men. Sober houses offer a powerful opportunity to transition to independent living. Independent living is difficult and recovery homes offer an attractive alternative to many other housing options. People often abuse drugs and alcohol to cope with difficult life circumstances or to mask feelings of anxiety or stress. However, this can be a double-edged sword because substance abuse can also cause these issues.

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We’ve run sober houses in Massachusetts since 2016 and love to share what we do with our community of sober home operators across North America. Consistent drug and alcohol abuse take a toll on your appearance, wreaking havoc on your skin, weight, teeth, eyes, hair, and more. Interestingly enough, you may not even realize all the negative effects drugs and alcohol have had on your appearance until you stop using them and start to see changes. With time, living a sober life can take years off of your appearance, which can also help boost your self-esteem. Although improving your appearance shouldn’t be the only reason you choose to get sober and stay that way, it’s a great perk that comes with it.

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Madison House is phase 1 in a three-phase project in the Madison/Boone County area. Transitional housing is temporary housing for the working homeless population and is set up to transition their residents to permanent housing. Speak to a treatment sober life specialist to receive treatment options and a free insurance check and verification. Learn what to expect with experiential treatments, setting, and amenities. Opioid addiction is one of North Carolina‘s most prominent forms of addiction.

They come from all backgrounds and circumstances but are united by their calling to serve men and women in recovery. Residents of sober homes pay simple and low weekly or monthly rent payments which include all costs of living in the home. For all of these reasons and more Pacific Manor has developed a sober living program with men in mind. is an advertising-supported online consumer resource that provides information about a variety of rehabilitation and therapy services and resources.

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Since COVID-19 and all of the shut downs, many people have come out the other end trying to be a better version of themselves. However, some of us may find ourselves feeling down, lamenting and thinking about previous versions of ourselves. Maybe you’re newly sober and you’re struggling to adjust to a sober lifestyle.

brand new life sober living

Constant support will provide you with a solid backbone, especially as you reestablish yourself in society. You CAN do this and you WILL eventually settle into a sober life. In difficult times like this, it’s helpful to be reminded of all the good things that came as a result of getting sober. Aside from the obvious (no more hangovers, hospitalizations, jail time, etc.), there are so many ways life is better when you’re sober. With a brand new lease on life ahead of you, there are plenty of opportunities to make the most of your new life.